My Journey

I have started my Taekwondo career since 1995 when I was 9 as a white belt apprentice to Master Foong (7th Dan Kukkiwon) in Chen Moh Primary School. Since then, I have gained a strong passion and interest in this martial art and sport. I have attended every upgrading test twice a year, and I am promoted to senior brown belt in standard 6. Due to the UPSR examination at the end of standard 6, I missed a black/poom belt upgrading tests.

Upon entering Catholic High School in 1999, I resume my Taekwondo training under Master C.K. Karen (6th Dan Kukkiwon) in the new school. In the same year, I have passed my 1st Dan/Poom black belt upgrading test under the board of Malaysia Taekwondo Association (MTA) at the age of 13. Upon fulfilling the minimum age limitation, I have attended and passed the 2nd Dan black belt upgrading test in year 2004. In the same year, I am registered as a 1st Dan Kukkiwon holder, an International Taekwondo certificate. Also, I have obtained a district level referee qualification and have myself involved in Taekwondo field, as a referee in a few intra- and inter-school competition, and as an assistant in coaching.

2006, I moved to Singapore for my studies. I have joint NUS Taekwondo team trained by Master K.J. Tan (5th Dan Kukkiwon). Two years later in 2008, I entered Bangsar Taekwondo and Fitness Club (BTFC) during my summer break in Malaysia under Master Kevin Woon (7th Dan Kukkiwon) and Master Y.T. Yap (4th Dan Kukkiwon). There in BTFC, I found opportunities to further improve myself in this field. First I have passed the 3rd Dan black belt upgrading test, then, I have registered as a 2nd Dan Kukkiwon holder, and lastly I have attended and passed a state level referee qualification course. Also in the year of 2008, I was chosen to officiate in 7th ICTO Championship, an International Taekwondo Competition held in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Early 2011, I am registered as a 3rd Dan Kukkiwon holder.

My Point of View

In this section, I will write about my very own point of view about Taekwondo, separated into each category based on belt level. It includes what you'll learn, and what you should be focusing on at each level. Again, it's my own suggestions, please check with your Taekwondo Coach for detail syllabus. A side note, there are total of 9 to 10 levels in black belt, however, I am not experience enough to give suggestion above my own belt level.

  • 9th Gup, White Belt
    • Basic discipline: From the very first day you joint Taekwondo, you should learn to respect: 1) masters; 2) seniors; and 3) older members, by bowing to them whenever you see them.
    • Basic commands: You should also be introduced a few Taekwondo terminology in Korean, such as:
      cha ryuktattention
      kyung naebow
      choon biready
      bah roback to starting position
    • Basic techniques: Horse riding stance; Standing stance; Single/Double punch; Upper/Lower/Inner/Outer block (basic block); Front kick.
    • Advance techniques: Forward stance; Turning kick; Cross side kick; Side kick
    • Minimum time for promotion: 4 months.

  • 8th/7th Gup, Yellow Belt 1/2
    • Basic techniques: Forward stance; High/Mid/Low punch; Combination of basic block + punch; Movement + basic block/punch; Turning kick.
    • Advance techniques: Back stance; Combination of front/side/turning kick.
    • Compulsory: Taeguk Il Jang/Ee jang (1/2)
    • Minimum time for promotion: 3/3 months.

  • 6th/5th Gup, Green Belt 1/2
    • Basic techniques: Back stance; Various knife hand block/strike; Various elbow strike; Movement (back/forward stance) + block/punch; Backthrust kick.
    • Advance techniques: Switching between back stance and forward stance; Combination of knife hand technique; 360 turning kick; Combination of any kick + backthrust kick.
    • Compulsory: Taeguk Sahm Jang/Sah jang (3/4); 3 steps sparring.
    • Minimum time for promotion: 3/3 months.

  • 4th/3rd Gup, Blue Belt 1/2
    • Basic techniques: Revisit all the previous techniques; Sharpen all you have learnt; Distinguish the difference between stances; Combination of up to 3 different block/punch/strike/kick.
    • Advance techniques: Various advance block/punch, such as round horse punch, upper cut; Chopping kick; Combination of Front leg kick + back leg kick.
    • Compulsory: Taeguk Oh Jang/Ryook jang (5/6); 1 step sparring; Free sparring.
    • Minimum time for promotion: 3/3 months.

  • 2nd/1st Gup, Red Belt 1/2
    • Basic techniques: Tiger stance; Combination of up to 4 kicks/blocks/punches; Sharpen previous techniques; Sharpen sparring skills; Chopping kick.
    • Advance techniques: Sliding turning kick; 360 chopping kick; Combination of 360 turning kick + other kicks; Back reverse kick.
    • Compulsory: Taeguk Chil Jang/Pal jang (7/8); 1 step sparring (freestyle); Free sparring; Break 2 planks.
    • Minimum time for promotion: 3/3 months.

  • 1st/2nd/3rd Dan, Black Belt 1/2/3
    • Discipline: Stay humble and low profile; Always help those who need; Respect not only masters and seniors, but also your juniors/students; Be a positive role model; Assist coaches in class.
    • Techniques: Basically, you have learnt all the basic and advance techniques in Taekwondo, and now it is time to practice, and practice, and practice, to make it perfect; You will have to sharpen all previous poomse, and build up self perseverance and endurance, and strength.
    • Compulsory: Koryo/Kyumgang/Taebaek Poomse; Self-defense technique, 1 step sparring (freestyle); Free sparring.
    • Minimum time for promotion: 1/2/3 year.